Hooking up Isaac and you will Jacob towards Group of Abraham

Hooking up Isaac and you will Jacob towards Group of Abraham

… Sarah cannot appear in ch. 24. Searching right back along the facts, the new source could be merely to the father just who, early in the fresh new part, believed he was near to dying. It is possible hence your concluding phrase ran: ‘Very Isaac is comforted pursuing the death of his dad.’…

Gunkel’s option would be maybe not adequate, but not. His argument you to “in the event that servant concerns Isaac, Isaac tells your that their dad keeps passed away from the meantime,” ignores the truth that new servant relates to Isaac while the “his grasp” up until the one or two got a way to chat (v. 65), of which section, the fresh new slave would not have recognized one Abraham had died. Furthermore, brand new find regarding Isaac interested in comfort to have his mom’s death connects needless to say in order to Sarah passing (ch. 23), which means there’s absolutely no good reason so you can emend the verse in order to “father.”

An excellent Fragment out-of Society

I would recommend one to start with it had been Isaac, allegedly on his own effort, whom sends away from their servant to track down him a partner. For this reason, in the event the slave productivity having Rebecca, the guy merchandise their unique straight to Isaac.

Once i argue inside my “Isaac before He had been Abraham’s Young buck” (TheTorah 2020), Abraham was once an independent patriarch, who supported alone just like the “father” of the nation

A publisher revised the bulk of the story (vv. 1–52), you to definitely in the first place focused on Isaac simply, to present Abraham just like the individual that cared for his young buck and you will establish to own their relationships ahead of their demise. For this reason, the man identifies “their learn Abraham” (vv. several, twenty-seven, 42, 48) and that is titled “Abraham’s servant” (vv. 34, 52), and much of your own conversation is mostly about brand new servant seeking good spouse to your master’s son.

An effective fragment of your own basic brand of the newest story was maintained from v. 53, and that refers to the brand new servant’s gift in order to Rebecca’s brother and you will mother, before prevent of story, with only a number of article glosses (vv. 59, and 67a).

Here, this new slave was known just since the “the newest slave” otherwise “the man” (vv. 53, 58, 61, 65 [twice], 66), which could just as be easily a regard to Isaac’s servant. Far more significantly, you start with verse 54, we find “the latest servant” speaking-to Rebecca’s mom and you will aunt from the “my master” (vv. 54, 56) in lieu of “my personal learn Abraham” (like in vv. a dozen, twenty seven, 35–37, 39, 42, 48):

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Gen Brand new servant brought out stuff out-of silver and gold, and clothes, and offered these to Rebecca; in which he provided merchandise to her aunt along with her mommy. He then plus the men having your ate and consumed, in addition they spent the evening. Once they emerged 2nd early morning, he said, “Promote myself get-off to see my personal grasp.”… He thought to them, “Do not reduce myself, now that YHWH has made my personal errand successful. Give myself get-off which i could go back at my grasp.”

From here up to verse 65, brand new servant is apparently dealing with Isaac when he states “my master;” this can be obvious when he shows you to Rebecca just who the guy dealing with them is actually.

Why is actually the story reworked to really make the effort towards the ‘s the reason rather than Isaac’s? To begin with, the fresh new Abraham and you can Isaac stories was independent way of living, and just weren’t connected: Isaac wasn’t Abraham’s son. Meanwhile, Isaac and his awesome young man Jacob-the father off Israel-belonged to help you a multiple, separate, national tradition.


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