The latest Azerbaijani psychology: 5 confident and you can 5 bad traits

The latest Azerbaijani psychology: 5 confident and you can 5 bad traits

Why don’t we start with a charming record

You could potentially amount without a doubt into foundation contained in this nation. Money to have procedures was increased in country total and you can, generally, done so rather than examining any records otherwise doctor’s permits. Beggars are amply dispensed alms, as they may look and get dressed finest the donators by themselves.

  1. Maturity to assist visitors on the street

If you think bad and you can collapse on the street–you will be considering assistance. Even if you merely stumble, you’d hear this new scamper off helpers’ base throughout, prior to you are able to the floor. They’ll certainly be rushing to catch your.

  1. Admiration for the earlier

Needless to say, not everyone beat their particular and others’ old with facts and you will worry. But there’s a certain line in public places conscience, that ought to not be overstepped, such, in the event the an early on man spends abusive words against an adult individual, it factors instance an effective negative feeling from inside the anyone, these particular things happen very hardly.

  1. Caring ideas for the women

Four specialists and you can an earlier lady try awaiting a lift. The brand new lift arrives. The staff shyly browse away, the students woman enters brand new elevator and trip alone. They will not need their own feeling embarrassed or terrified.

An early lady check outs an income tax inspector into the event from a were not successful organization. The latest inspector shakes their direct, wonders, exactly what she requisite all that getting, offers her paternal suggestions about how exactly to suspend their business hobby and you will allows her come in peace, in the event however provides acted in a different way which have a man.

  1. Hospitality

Trite and definitely not shocking to possess a nation regarding the Caucasus. But there is however zero escaping the point that inside our country a visitor is not questioned if he/she’d like to enjoys a cup of teas. Evlilik iГ§in indian kД±zlar Teas try confirmed, all else-should your invitees is not quickly.

Sadly, these types of qualities have five indicate equivalents

  1. Showing off at any expenses

A costly mobile phone towards the credit and you will outstanding fuel and you will drinking water expenses? What is the situation! In the event that there are not any fuel and you can water bill debts, upcoming a house that have pool would be constructed on borrowing. It didn’t have enough money to own a swimming pool, nevertheless they was able to bush specific hand woods that are unfortunately swaying about Baku breeze.

  1. Infantilism

A classic Azerbaijani upbringing means bundling upwards an infant warmly, serving your/their own plentily, regardless of if the guy/she refuses to; bludgeoning him/their own on the planning college or university; then to find a degree, a car and a license; after in search of your/her a wife or a husband. Needless to say, you will find the majority of people who happen to be independent from their parents and tend to be mind-sufficient in all respects, but one could don’t assess new portion of the full society, managed to not rating troubled.

  1. A woman-not exactly an individual

The male is eager to compliment their moms and dads, spouses and you may daughters from sunup to help you sundown. However, from the most of family, women, typically, aren’t independent members of the brand new community; they are type of appendages in order to men. In addition, getting a good reputation, female is sometimes go after strict statutes otherwise have trouble with prejudices and you may stereotypes almost all their existence.

  1. Failure to possess productive consolidation

Our very own people do not understand the team as the a household; an enterprise is not a family group; a road isn’t a family group and people are certainly not a family. Ergo, guidance that needs serious efforts, is mostly supplied to family, whereas the fresh new ‘it’s none out-of my personal business’ idea are used regarding anyone else.

  1. Hypocrisy

The folks have quite strong forefingers. We like to bandy on and condemn everything that we imagine incorrect. I such as for instance need to condemn anyone having inappropriate screens away from love. Ergo, for many years, the Azerbaijani neighborhood could have been passionately condemning the brand new youth having making out on seats, premarital sex and other taboo means, while the newest gossipmongers plumb skip their big and you may minor sins.


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